• A Flash of White

    Finn needs to say goodbye to Felix, his imaginary dragon friend who is creating chaos in his troubled 13 year old life.
    Felix, from the Secret Friends, has no idea how to help older children like Finn.

    A Stereoscopic 3D animated Feature Film.

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  • Solomon

    A Police Detective encounters a man suffering from Alzheimer’s, who describes in detail the destruction of the airship Hindenburg. He realizes that the man is over 500 years old.

    A Feature Film.

  • All Change

    A cross cultural mess ensues as Chinese and Australian parents try to prevent a marriage which would fracture their cosy lives.

    A Feature Film.

  • One Man

    A world wide charity recruits stateless young men to assassinate despot leaders to stop the carnage of the innocents in strife torn countries.

    A Feature Film.

  • Mosaic

    A child's brain is changed by traumatic experiences. This can affect their entire life and lead to addictions, crime, homelessness, mental illness and suicide. By offering stories of hope and positive outcomes of intervention, we aim to raise the awareness of the personal and financial impact on society of untreated, traumatised children.

    Documentary Feature - View website

  • Unfiltered

    With a combination of live action and animation this film aims to depose the myths surrounding schizophrenia and offer hope to the victims and their families and friends.

    A Telefeature.

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Using the combined resources of the Group, Montague Opus develops and produces content for all media.
Our focus is Animation and Visual Effects intensive feature films for Cinema release.

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An investment company for the Feature Film Production division.

Montague Opus

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